APAN 2003 Conference in Fukuoka Program

Workshops and Meetings

APAN Committee / WG Meeting Schedule organized by APAN Secretariat

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APAN Network Demonstration Workshop (Tuesday, January 21)

Room A

Chair Kenji Watanabe <watanabe@is.saga-u.ac.jp> (Saga Univ., Japan)
13:00-14:30 1. Measurement tool of one-way packet loss rates
Masato Tsuru <mailto:tsuru@genesis.tao.go.jp> (TAO, Japan)
( abstract | presentation (PDF) )

2. QGPOP Overview and Demonstration of Activities via On-line Meeting System
Yoshiaki Kasahara <kasahara@nc.kyushu-u.ac.jp> (Kyushu Univ., Japan)
( abstract | presentation (PPT Part 1 Part 2) )

3. Advanced Culture Exchange Show Cases between Japan and Korea
Koji Okamura <oka@ec.kyushu-u.ac.jp> (Kyushu Univ., Japan), Seigo Morihara, Hideo Kudou (QIC, Japan), Takayuki Katsume (CUBEL Corp., Japan)
( abstract | presentation (PPT) )

Room A

Chair Yoshiaki Hori <hori@kyushu-id.ac.jp> (Kyushu Institute of Design, Japan)
15:00-16:30 1. SOI ASIA Project: Building distance learning environment using the Internet in areas with insufficient network infrastructure
Shoko Mikawa <funya@sfc.wide.ad.jp> (Keio Univ., Japan)
( abstract | presentation (PDF 2.7M) )

2. Field Trial of Remote Spritting Video Streaming
Yohei Shibuya (IMnet, Japan)
( abstract | presentation (PPT) )

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APAN High Energy Physics Workshop (Tuesday, January 21)

Room B

Chair Yukio Karita <yukio.karita@kek.jp> (KEK, Japan)

The workshop will be held inviting people from ICFA-SCIC and ACFA-NWG.

15:00 (10m)Introduction (PPT 0.6M)
Yukio Karita from KEK, Japan
15:10 (25m)Networks needed for HEP and activity in ICFA-SCIC ( PPT 8.1M Part1 6.0M Part2 2.1M )
Harvey Newman from Caltech, USA (via VRVS)
15:35 (15m)Networks for participating in HEP experiments from Korea (PPT)
Dongshul Son from CHEP, Korea
15:50 (15m)Networks for participating in HEP experiments from Taiwan (PPT)
Wenshui Chen from Academia Sinica, Taiwan
16:05 (15m)Networks for participating in HEP experiments from Pakistan (PPT)
M.H. Zaidi from NUST, Pakistan
16:20 (15m)Networks between CERN and Asia (PPT 0.3M)
Olivier H. Martin from CERN, Switzerland (via VRVS)
16:35 (25m)Discussion

VRVS Saturn Virtual Room (7:00-9:00 on 21 Jan. at Europe) (22:00-24:00 on 20 Jan. at California)

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APAN Retreat (Tuesday, January 21)

Room E
APAN Retreat
Chair Jianping Wu <jianping@cernet.edu.cn> (CERNET, China)

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Technical Session for APAN Conference (Friday, January 24)

Room F

Chair Byung-Kyu Kim <bkkim@apan.net> (KAIST), Jong Won KIM <jongwon@kjist.ac.kr> (K-JIST)

The session reviews the sessions in APAN Fukuoka conference, and proposes the session/workshop/track for the next conference. Some special and pending issues about the APAN conference will be discussed.

Participants: APAN members who want to propose session/workshop/track.


  1. review of sessions in Fukuoka APAN Conference
  2. session proposals by APAN members
  3. workshop/track proposals
  4. special issues
    1. ED Track and APRUNET
    2. GRID
    3. Natural Resource
  5. Others


  • APAN 2003 Fukuoka Report from the PC Chair (PPT)
  • About APAN 2003-Busan Program (PPT)

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