APAN 2003 Conference in Fukuoka

Workshop Abstracts

NET: APAN Network Demonstration Workshop 1 (Room A 13:30-14:30, Jan 21)

Session chair: Kenji Watanabe <watanabe@is.saga-u.ac.jp> (Saga Univ., Japan)

1. Measurement tool of one-way packet loss rates
Masato Tsuru <mailto:tsuru@genesis.tao.go.jp> (TAO, Japan)


In collaboration with TAO, QBP and Kyushu Institute of Technology, we have developed prototypes of two kinds of measurement tools for inferring one-way packet losses on path segments between an user-host (a client) and a specified target host (a server or a router) without any measurement on the target. We also have evaluated them by experiments in the Internet.

One is a stand-alone tool running on the client, and the other is a client-server style tool running on both the client and a proxy measurement server distributed in the Internet. Both of them can infer one-way packet loss rates on a path segment from/to the client to/from a specified router residing in the path between the client and an application server, and thus can find the congested area along the path.

We will show some results of the experiments in the last year, and an on-site demonstration of the tools.

2. QGPOP Overview and Demonstration of Activities via On-line Meeting System
Yoshiaki Kasahara <kasahara@nc.kyushu-u.ac.jp> (Kyushu Univ., Japan)


QGPOP (Kyushu GigaPOP Project) aims to build a dedicated R&D Internet over Kyushu region in parallel with commodity Internet, focusing on Internet's end-to-end principle and new features like IPv6, multicasting, and Mobile IP. We are a consortium of universities, industries, and non-profit research institutions to share our R&D infrastructure among the research community acting as a part of the global research Internet over the world. As a part of our activities, we have regular online meetings periodically (once a month) using H.323 and MCU, to discuss about the projects. In this session, we will demonstrate some activities related to QGPOP through our online meeting system. Some members will join remotely from Oita Univ., Saga Univ., and the Fukuoka Tower.

3. Advanced Culture Exchange Show Cases between Japan and Korea
Koji Okamura <oka@ec.kyushu-u.ac.jp> (Kyushu Univ., Japan), Seigo Morihara, Hideo Kudou (QIC, Japan), Takayuki Katsume (CUBEL Corp., Japan)


We are planning advanced culture exchange show case experimentations between Japan and Korea, which are remote lectures of university, international exchange of junior and high school and business seminar for company worker. This experimentation project is one of e! projects which are propelled by MPHPT, Japan. In this demonstration, we show several IT tools which we are developping. These tools will support real culture exchange between Japan and Korea for near future.

NET: APAN Network Demonstration Workshop 2 (Room A 15:00-16:30, Jan 21)

Session chair: Yoshiaki Hori <hori@kyushu-id.ac.jp> (Kyushu Institute of Design, Japan)

1. SOI ASIA Project: Building distance learning environment using the Internet in areas with insufficient network infrastructure
Shoko Mikawa <funya@sfc.wide.ad.jp> (Keio Univ., Japan)


Most of the trials on distance learning through the Internet are done where the network infrastructure has been build and high quality video and audio could be delivered. However, the needs of higher education is stronger in places with insufficient network. Some educational programs in these places are done through the satellite infrastructure, but bi-directional satellite infrastructure requires high cost on its set up and maintenance, and most of the places cannot afford to installation cost or maintain these environment.

SOI ASIA Project aims to solve this problem by installing network infrastructure that not only enables to deliver high quality video audio but also suits these places requirements on installation and maintenance costs.

In this presentation, we will describe the design of our approach to distance learning higher education through the Internet, proof experimnets through our environment.

2. Field Trial of Remote Spritting Video Streaming
Yohei Shibuya (IMnet, Japan)


We will field-test the streaming system in which encoder and splitter are separated for an efficient use of the backbone bandwidth. In this presentation, an outline of this test and a brief demonstration will be shown.

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