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·At Fukuoka Airport
Where is the shuttle bus for the domestic terminal?

Where is the subway station?

·At Subway Station
Where (How) do I buy a ticket?

Subway line (

·To a cab driver
SRP (Soft Research Park) Center Building in Momochi area, please. It is across from Fukuoka Medical Association.

The international terminal of Fukuoka Airport, please

Seahawk Hotel and Resort, please

Hotel Twins Momochi, please

Hyatt Residential Suites Fukuoka in Momochi area, please

·When looking at signboards and timetables, look for the following Kanji symbols

Fukuoka International Airport / Fukuoka Kokusai Kuko


Hakata Station / Hakata eki




·Bus Stations and Destinations
Fukuoka Medical Association / Fukuoka-shi Ishi Kaikan mae

Noko Ferryport / Noko Tosen-joh

South entrance of Fukuoka Tower - TNC TV Building / Fukuoka Tower Minami-guchi - TNC Kaikan mae

Nishijin Palace / Nishijin Palace mae

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