APAN 2003 Conferenece in Fukuoka

Session & Presentation Instructions

PC (Program Committee) has already decided to create on-line proceedings only. On-line submission is available at


The on-line submission deadline is January 10th, 2003 unless your session chair indicates.

A speaker may submit his/her slides and/or paper with its title, author(s), and abstract. An invited speaker must submit it to justify his/her invitation. A session chair may collect materials in his/her session in advance to forward them to PC in time. Materials submitted after the on-line submission deadline may not be ready at the time of conference.

The file format is one of PDF, Microsoft Word, and Powerpoint. Consult PC for other formats.

A hardcopy of the program and abstracts is planned to be distributed at the site. Slides of a speaker who hasn't submitted materials will be collected at the time of presentation by the session chair.

Each session chair will have a (student) assistant to run the session. The assistant can handle his/her own laptop to display slides if needed. A VGA (LCD) projector will be prepared in addition to Polycom with a projector (i.e. 2 screens). Consult with PC in advance ASAP if you need any special equipment.

All sessions may be broadcasted over Internet (unless the speaker notifies in advance).

Masaki Hirabaru
PC Chair

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