APAN Fukuoka Remote Presentation How-To

1. How to start remote-presentation

Please send the presentation slide to LA (apan-la@qgpop.net) before the session!!!

A lot of remote-presentations are scheduled in the program, and the trouble will come confusion of the schedule. Also, the remote presentation start time will be varied probably due to the other session in the same time slot. In order to avoid troubles, LA side would like to control the connection of the remote presentation. LA will call out from the meeting venue before the session.

So, please don't call the conference system from the remote side, and wait until calling from the venue. If you have any trouble and/or inconvenience, please contact apan-la@qgpop.net or +81 92-852-3415. The telephone line is available only during the Fukuoka conference, don't call it before the conference.

2. How to control the slide from remote side

Again, don't forget to send the slide file to apan-la@qgpop.net for your presentation before the session.!!!

On the major remote remote presentation room, two LCD projector and screen sets will be installed. At the remote presentation, the two screen will be used as one for the video picture from the remote side, and another for the slide pictures. The slide picture screen will be feed backed from the session room to the remote speaker side. At least one student will attend the remote-presentation session to support it. The student will be forward/backword the presentation slide by the order of the speaker. LA does not believe the remote PPT slide control function on the Polycom. So, we choose this classical and reliable way.

3. Presentation system

APAN Fukuoka uses H.323/IP based remote conference system only. Some of Polycom model will be provided the remote presentation session. LA gathers the Polycom system from several institutes. So, a lot kind of polycom model will come, and we cannot provides the information which model will be installed which room.

4. System test

The network installation cannot be completed until Monday. Some room scheduled pre-conference will be available at Sunday. We are sorry we cannot make a test for the real situation until just before the session. If you would like to make a end-system test for checking interoperability, please use the following test system:

IP address:
Speed: up to 768kbps

test system will be available until Sunday (+9, JST).

Although, nobody will attend the end-system test, you can try it any time. If you find any trouble to call it, feel free to contact apan-la@qgpop.net.

5. End system parameter

In the Fukuoka meeting, the remote conference terminal will be available on every major session rooms. The IP address information for each session rooms is as followings:

End system IP address:
Room A133.69.162.11
Room B133.69.162.12
Room C133.69.162.13
Room D133.69.162.14
Room E133.69.162.15
Room F133.69.162.16
Room G133.69.162.17
Gatekeeper: Not use
MCU: Not available

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