APAN 2003 Conference in Fukuoka

Invited Speakers' Presentation Abstracts in WG Meetings

IPv6 WG (Room E 09:00-10:30, Jan 22)

Chair: Akira Kato <kato@wide.ad.jp> (WIDE)

The development of IPv6 Technology in Malaysia, Issues and solutions
Gopinath Rao Sinniah <gopi@nrg.cs.usm.my> (AIMST, Malaysia)


IPv6 has become part of the life of most Internet experts. This new protocol which is going to replace the current IPv4 is at its peak with lots of research being carried out. Although IPv6 provides enhancements to IPv4 with some new features, its deployment and development in Malaysia is rather slow compare to other countries such as Japan and Europe. This is due to few internal and external factors.

This paper examines the development of IPv6 technology in general and specifically in Malaysia. The discussion also includes the issues towards slow deployment and research in IPv6 in Malaysia and also the strategies. One of the factors is due to lack of exposure to the IPv6 world. Beside that, possible upcoming research areas would also be discussed.

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